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Greetings all Chapter Directors and Past ALRA Directors and Secretaries, ALRA State Director Carolyn Hintz is calling a meeting to be held at the Convention on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, starting at 11:00am, place TBD. Convention is at Post 33, Peters Creek.

This is the first call for nominations of officers. A reminder that any nomination requires a letter of good standing from your Post’s Commander. And here is a reminder that fees must be paid and current for all delegates chosen to represent their Chapters for voting.

Communication is the essence of good relations, therefore it is important for us to get feedback and responses acknowledging receipt. Since we are so spread out across this great state, internet communications is the best way to go. Please just send a “Got it thanks” or a thumbs up. It is so appreciated.

For God and Country,

Carolyn “Chunkz” Hintz
Director of American Legion Riders
Department of Alaska

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