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RIDERS - National Headquarters is trying to find out how many Riders we have on a nation-wide basis.
An entry on your Legion, Auxiliary or Sons of The American Legion membership record will then to reflect ALR membership in the same way we can identify those who have held national or state offices, served on committees, and so forth. Kind of €śprofessional development€ť marker.
National would like to get as much participation as possible as another way to get an idea of what the ALR population is across the country.
The more Riders we have, the stronger we are!!!

The membership requirements for the American Legion Riders are very straightforward. To become a member, you must ...

  • be a current member in good standing of The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary or Sons of the American Legion.

  • be the owner of a motorcycle of at least 350cc engine displacement and must possess a valid driver's license in your state of residence (military equivalents acceptable as well) ~or~ must be the legal spouse of an ALR member in good standing within the Chapter of application.

  • All operators must be properly licensed and insured per state laws.

  • All members must obey motor-vehicle laws in the state in which they are operating a motorcycle or riding as a passenger.

American Legion Riders Alaska Membership Application (.pdf) - Generic Application

American Legion Riders Alaska Membership Application (Word) - for Chapter use to complete dues amounts & address

The American Legion Family Membership Application Brochure - Legion, Auxiliary & S.A.L all in one convenient location

Chapter Data Form (Chapter and Officer contact info)

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